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Strip Doors and Strip Curtains


Strip doors and curtains help you maintain cold temperatures in refrigerated areas or create a rugged barrier for control of heat, dust, drafts, insects and noise in warehouse or dock door applications.

Save money on energy expenses and extend compressor life by installing strip curtains in walk-in cooler/freezer opening or on refrigerated trucks.

Strip doors trap in cold air, keeping foods fresher and extending shelf life, while allowing full visibility and easy access for personnel.

In warehouses, strip doors are a must for controlling environmental conditions, saving money on heating costs, and ensuring worker safety with full visibility and easy passage for foot and vehicular traffic.

Significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs on compressors.

No longer dread winter when drafts and gusts plunge the mercury inside your warehouse to intolerable and unworkable conditions. Increase employee productivity and morale. Heating cost go down.

Strip Doors and Curtains

When walk-in doors are left open, warm air rushes in to cause an immediate increase of inside walk-in temperatures. When you lower the thermostat to keep perishables cooler, you raise your energy costs at least 6% per degree!

You don't need to loose energy or money. Install clear vinyl strip doors/ curtains at the walk-in entrance and start saving money immediately.

Strip doors increase the shelf life of your perishables up to 50%.

Compressor life will be extended, coil icing and damaging frost will be eliminated and the overall efficiency of your cooler will be immediately maximized.

Our vinyl strip doors extend product shelf life by maintaining a more consistent temperature inside walk-in coolers and freezers.

Save on heating oil and air conditioning while significantly reducing energy and compressor workload consumption.

Strip doors allow for easy passage of personnel, carts and machinery, while controlling insects, birds, dust and debris.

Strip doors significantly reduce fuel costs and help maintain temperatures while in transport and especially while making deliveries.

Drivers can actually turn trucks and refrigeration off while making deliveries while still maintaining internal temperatures.

When your needs include uninque configurations or applications, you can purchase quality PVC roll stock in thicknesses from .04 mil to .160 mil., 4" to 48" wide.

Colors of safety orange, amber and clear are available.

Both smooth and ribbed, low temp and nylon reinforced are available.

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