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NeoLite Advertising Message Signs

Create eye-catching promotions in seconds with NeoLite Signs. NeoLite illuminated signs use the fiber optic principle which creates a neon sign effect. Shop On Line Now

The neon sign effect instantly grabs your customer's attention, bringing to life the message you have written on your NeoLite sign. Whether it's a bakery special or sale time, you will enjoy a tremendous increase of sales because of the greater awareness of your message.

NeoLite Key Benefits

Our Advertising Signs are made from DuPont SAR Acrylic.
Our Advertising Signs are Brighter Illumination because of patent pending reflective system.
Our Advertising Signs are Scratch resistant.
Our Advertising Signs are Easily cleaned
Our Advertising Signs have easy access for bulb replacement
Our Advertising Signs have the electrical parts UL listed
Our Advertising Signs are Made in the USA

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NeoTrans Backlit Advertising Signs

Backlit NeoTrans signs offer a brilliant neon like sign for an appearance of a neon sign without being fragile like neon.

NeoTrans signs offer a brilliant backlit neon sign like appearance without being fragile like neon. Built-in light reflectors double light output in the sign light box for the brightest possible illumination of your message.

These electronic neon like signs are lightweight and portable. They can be mounted on wall, placed on counters or hung from ceilings. To change the message simply open the hinged side of the light box, slide out one panel and replace with another. Custom signs can be special ordered. Both single or double-sided signs are available. Signs are UL approved.

NeoTrans are like Neon Signs but the benefits are far greater than neon signs:

Made from DuPont SAR Acrylic.
Brighter Illumination because of patent pending reflective system.
Scratch resistant.
Easily cleaned
Easy access for bulb replacement
All electrical parts UL listed
Made in the USA


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