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Add a Broiler / Griddle


Add a Broiler/Griddle increases the versatility of your busy stovetop by saving kitchen space and money. Add a Broiler/Griddle gives you the option of having a broiler, griddle, range or all three at once.*

This double-duty broiler & griddle converter is portable and easy. No range modification is required, simply lift it onto your gas range and you're cooking.

The broiler option adds charbroiled flavor to steaks, chops and brand meats. The griddle option allows for cooking with quick preheat time and efficient heat removal through the rear flue.

Unit cleans in minutes. No need to spend extra equipment dollars for separate broiler and griddle conversion units.

(* Model number ABG2-2)

Base constructed of heavy 10-gauge steel
18-guage stainless steel grease cup is easily removable
Griddle grid made of nickel-plated 10-guage steel with built-in handles
Broiler grid made of 1/4" steel rod with built-in handles
Griddle incorporates a heat sink with 2" wide steel channels that drain into the grease cup
Broiler incorporates a rear flue for heat escape while cooking

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