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No-Zap Fly Traps


The No-Zap Flytrap eliminates your flying insect problem safely, silently and effectively.

Flying insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light (harmless for humans and pets), and light output is doubled by a built-in reflector.

The sticky pad inside the unit is laced with a sexual attraction to help lure bugs onto the pad where they are trapped, concealed from view. The glue pads are nontoxic and each pad can capture up to a thousand insects before a quick and easy pad change is needed.

No-Zap Flytraps especially aid sanitation in food prep and processing areas by ridding them of bacteria-laden flies without the zapping sounds, the burning smells, or the electrocuting grids (which tend to expel bug parts) typical of other flytraps. They use no more power than standard florescent fixtures and all electrical parts are UL listed.

No-Zap Flytraps comply with FDA and USDA codes for use in food prep and processing areas.

Money back guaranteed
Silent and Odorless
No electrocuting grid
Low power consumption

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