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Air curtains, also referred to as air doors, produce invisible air barriers. Air curtains play a key role in climate control and energy cost reduction programs by enhancing comfort in building interiors and preventing dust, odors, fumes, wind, and outside air into heated and air conditioned areas. Air curtains are an effective weapon in preventing flying insects entering your building.

We have an air door for every application. From our 25" Mars air doors for drive thru service windows to industrial air curtain configurations. Employee moral goes up when your employees don't have to work in frigid or overheated environments. Purchase Mars Air Doors

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For Walk-Ins and Refrigerated Areas Air Curtains for cold storage and freezers separate outside and inside temperatures with an effective air "veil." Properly installed, Air Curtains can reduce the rate of heat and moisture flow through an open refrigerated door by 60% to 80%. The typical air flow setting for this type of environmental situation will repel summer heat while containing the air-conditioned portion inside the cooler or refrigerated area. Air Curtain doors will also assure the absence of fumes, dust or insects inside the walk-in or refrigerated room. Significant energy savings will occur, as well as fresher product, less spoilage, and savings on compressor maintenance. Air Curtains also control condensation and icing without impairing visibility. Purchase Now
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Warehouse and Storage-Oriented Businesses Post Offices, Schools, warehouses and other businesses that experience heavy foot or equipment traffic use air curtains for environmental control. The thermal barrier created by an air door provides an unobstructed view while providing efficient environmental protection and energy savings.

Air Curtains help maintain a comfortable interior environment when the passage of personnel or customers is constant. We have an industrial air curtain for any door opening. Purchase Now

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Drive-Up Windows and Commercial Places Because of its "unseen" nature, a protective veil of airflow serves as a sentry against undesirable fumes, unbearable interior temperatures, and insects. The typical airflow setting for our 25" Mars air curtain for service windows is aimed toward the outside so maximum resistance is achieved when entering and interior temperatures are maintained at a pleasant, highly productive and energy efficient level. For maximum efficiency, typical airflow slants slightly outward while interior airflow offers a very gentle resistance to those passing or leaning through the entrance. Purchase Now
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