Case Keepers

During these tough economic times and skyrocketing energy costs, this product will keep you from cooling your whole store. Why Loose Money when you don't have to? Case Keepers will help protect your hard earned profits by keeping your product "under cover". Our Case keepers keep the cold where it should be, on your product, and not wasted on passerby's, and allowed to escape into the air.

Use in Refrigeration

Don't let another moment go by that you are tossing away money by wasting electricity. Don't let the energy companies steal your hard earned money. Contact one of our qualified sales people to see how much savings you will see from our product.

Case keepers are constructed of the toughest materials available. With a thickness of .04 mil plastic and all aluminum hardware your Case Keepers will give you years of service.

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Case Keepers Benefits

Extends Compressor life.

Extremely easy to open, just slide your hand through the strips to get your product!

Better temperature control.

Keeps food fresher, safer, longer.