Clear Vu PVC Swinging Door

Clear Vu™ PVC doors are specifically made for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers. Clear Vu™ PVC plastic doors are 'hands down' the absolute best clear pvc swinging doors on the market for cooler and freezer applications. Clear Vu™ PVC plastic doors are engineered for maximum durability in high traffic areas.

Employees love the easy in and out access. With our exclusive auto-closing feature, cold air stays inside to help protect your perishables and saves on energy and maintenance costs! Clear Vu™ doors come in double door configurations and we can custom design any size door at absolutely no extra charge to you!

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clear vu door

Clear Vu Doors

• Can't be tied back
• Open with less than 1lb. of pressure
• Longer lasting and easier to walk through than strip    doors
• Extend Compressor life through better temperature    control
• Won't drag over carried items or carts
• Won't stick together like strip doors
• Custom made to your exact requirements
• Comes in double door configurations
• Available in .08 or .125 clear PVC
• Features our unique auto close gravity hinge
• Stainless steel springs, fastners, rod and bearings
• 10 year rust proof warranty hinge system
• 90 day warranty to be free from defects

Clear Vu doors are the perfect solution for every walk-in cooler and freezer.

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