Commercial Doors - Ruff Tuff I

  Ruff Tuff commercial - industrial doors are built to withstand the maximum punishment. Ruff Tuff I doors are 1 ½" thick and utilize the latest technology by incorporating the use of a fusion technique. The application of elector meric coating and the use of fusion give the Ruff Tuff I interior commercial door its unequaled durability. This is the same process that is used in fortifying truck bodies. The coating is USDA approved and can be used in almost every door application.

The unique hinge system consists of a rubberized hinge and the closing action remains smooth due to the loaded roller bearing and cam return design.

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Standard Sizes:
60" x 84", 72" x 84", 72" x 96", 96" x 96"
Colors Available:
• Black, Green, Red, Blue or Brown
Options Available:
• Tear Drop Bumper System available
• Gasketing available
Custom Sizes for most any opening
All Models are Double Door Sets